For newlyweds

Tulivee rooms with a sea view

First of all, we should warn you that Tulivee Villa’s rooms with romantic sea views could ignite a flame of passion that can’t be extinguished until morning! There have been cases where with the help of Tulivee some relationships have gone beyond ‘just good friends’…

Tulivee wedding

One of the most romantic beaches on the north coast, the sandy Liimla Beach is just a few steps from the Tulivee Centre. The restaurant complex (seating up to 70 guests) and villa (sleeping up to 40 guests) make an ideal wedding venue for lovers whose feelings no one can forbid. Ask us for advice on planning your wedding and you can be sure that Tulivee will know the secret way to the place where two become one…

Restaurant Romance

During a romantic evening meal at the Tulivee restaurant you will find both temperament and balance among our selection. Dishes made from local ingredients and the wonderfully cosy atmosphere will make you wish that the evening will never end…

For families

Tulivee movie night

Bring your whole family along to watch a restored version of the classic movie ‘Firewater’ by Hardi Volmer, which paints a picture of the era that forms the basis for the Tulivee Tourism Centre as a whole.

Active holiday options

Take a walk along Liimla Beach, build sandcastles with your kids or take a refreshing morning swim with the whole family! If that’s not enough, you can rent a bike or boat to explore the surroundings.

Tulivee souvenirs

You can buy exciting themed souvenirs at Tulivee Museum that will remind you of your time spent at Tulivee – even now when Prohibition is no longer in force.

For schools


Tulivee school lessons

You can come to Tulivee with your whole school to conduct the most fascinating history or literature lesson of the year. In a Tulivee history lesson the students get to hear interesting stories about the illegal bootlegging era, while in Tulivee literature lessons they learn about the wealth of exciting coastal folk literature that has been published in Estonian.

Tulivee Library

The entire library is open to researchers studying topics related to Tulivee. Books about bootlegging can be borrowed.

Tulivee experience rental

At the Tulivee Centre you can rent both bikes and boats. And why not a sailboat, or a raft, or simply a recliner to lounge on the beach? Ask your Tulivee hosts for active holiday options that can surprise you with new experiences in any season.

For companies

Tulivee Villa, with accommodation for 40 and a restaurant that can seat 70, makes an exciting venue for company trips, training courses and conferences. Why not tell the management stories about former bootlegging kings that can be applied to today’s market, or select the Tulivee Centre as a place for a training course to encourage employees to think outside the box? Tulivee offers a range of opportunities to carry out exciting training courses, business meetings and company events.

For sailors

To use the harbour services, call harbourmaster Heigo Prits at +372 5255268 or contact via e-mail

Tulivee Slip

Now you can get your boat in and out of the water at Purtse Harbour, where a proper slip awaits you.

Trawler Sauna

Having returned from the windy open waters, defy the coastal cold in a sauna built on an old fishing trawler that is docked at Purtse Harbour. Due to its shape, it will make sauna lovers feel like a captain that has sailed into the shallows.

Barrel Sauna

The barrel sauna also allows a bigger group to enjoy the pleasures of the sauna regardless of the weather. You can take soft drinks with you into the barrel sauna, making life more fun.

For bird-watchers

The Tulivee Centre’s bird-watching tower fits in perfectly – because there are cases from history where watchtowers were built to hunt down bootleggers in coastal areas, where you could keep a closer eye on the sea. This modern bird-watching tower allows you to observe the rich wildlife in the surrounding area and feel part of Northern Estonia’s romantic beach atmosphere.